Let’s Pizza Arrived in London

After long wait the pizza machine of a kind has finally made its way to London on July 16th, 2015

Unique Pizza Ltd of London made arrangements with Sitos the manufacturer of Let's Pizza vending machines in Italy to bring those unique machines in the UK.

Unique Pizza Ltd will promote and distribute the Let's Pizza machines in the UK through a rental and profit sharing scheme.

Mete Adan - the owner of Unique Pizza Ltd says that the way these machines will be distributed will be determined by the demand. He advises the interested parties to act quickly to get one of these machines in their store. They are running a promotion at the moment to make it easy to get these machines. In the future it may not be as easy to get those machines.

Mete A. believes the machine will be a great success in the UK and people should be watching the news and media for new developments.

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