Franchise Information

Let's PizzaUnique Pizza Ltd is excited to bring a new business opportunity into the UK. Let's Pizza vending machines were already introduced to several countries in Europe and now it is also available in the UK.

Let's Pizza vending machines will be placed throughout the UK in franchising scheme. Don't wait too long to get on board with this new franchising opportunity as the places will be limited and it will get harder as the machine settles in the UK.

Low Investment

If you have been looking for a low investment franchise business which is both unique and requires the least amount of attendance then Let's Pizza is what you need.

Easy Return on Investment

It is not only a unique invention but also offers an easy money making opportunity. These machines are fully automatic and require minimal attendance. Let the machine work for you 24 hours a day 365 days a week.

Here are some sample figures based on following presets

No. of days: 30 days (month)
Pizza Price : £5/pizza (you can set your own price depending on location)

pizza/day (avg)Sales/monthProfit/month
20  £1800 £1200
30  £2700 £2100
50  £4500 £3900
100  £9000 £8400

* Please note these numbers are for guidance only and will vary based on your location and location costs.

Click here to apply and start your new business with the Let's Pizza vending machines.

Suitable Locations

Let's Pizza machines are not designed to replace the giant pizza franchises but intended to find its existence among other vending locations. Here a few of the locations where Let's Pizza machines will succeed:

  • Student Accommodations
  • Hospitals and emergency rooms
  • Hotels
  • Petrol Stations
  • Train Stations
  • Large Construction sites
  • Canteens of big factories and businesses with more than 500 employees
  • Children play grounds
  • Shopping Centres
  • Night clubs, night venues
  • High traffic areas
  • Other locations where there is 24 hour access is available

Easy to Manage

Let's Pizza machines come with a control suite which enables you to control your investment from your pc, laptop or mobile phone. The machine gives periodic reports to let you know when refilling is required or if there is a problem with the machine. It also provides reports of your sales so you can always be in control.

Technical Support

Let's Pizza machines will be supported by technicians of Unique Pizza Ltd. We have remote access to the machines in order to troubleshoot any problems with the machines and save you time and money from support calls.

Unique Pizza Ltd has now started taking applications in order to find new homes for these unique machines.

Click here to apply and start your new business with the Let's Pizza vending machines.