Model Search

lets-pizza-waiterUnique Pizza is looking for promotional staff and models for Let's Pizza events and photo shoots. We will be holding photo sessions every week in order to pick the most suitable promotional staff and faces for our media advertising. Everyone is invited.

lets-pizza-waitress-sqPromotional Staff

We will be hiring promotional staff to work with us during the launch of new locations and promotional events. We are looking for male and female individuals with outgoing personality. If you would like to be part of our team, please contact us. You will be wearing our costumes as depicted in the images above during the events. Working hours will vary depending on location but and may vary from a few hours to a full day.

Modeling Contract

We will pick one or two individuals from among our promotional staff or applicants for a modeling contract with Let's Pizza to appear in our photo shoots and media coverage. We invite all experienced and inexperienced models to attend our photo sessions. The modeling contracts will be renewed every year with a new model we will pick from our applicants. Each model we pick from the application will be used in our campaigns for marketing in the facebook which will bring you exposure to 50000 - 100000 people.

Grand Prize
The winner of our model seach will win a trip to Rome, Italy all expenses paid. 1 year contract with Let's Pizza for photo shoots and media appearances and advertisement campaigns.

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