Suitable spots for placing Let’s Pizza vending machines

Let's Pizza Vending Machines are most fit for certain locations. You cannot expect to place one of the machines next to a pizza store.

Remember that Let's Pizza Vending Machine produces a 10 inch pizza in 3 minutes and from fresh ingredients. It simply mixes flour with water in its special container and kneads into a dough. It flattens it to form the pizza base and tops with tomato sauce and the ingredients. It cookes the pizza in a high temperature infra red oven to give you fresh pizza in approximately 3 minutes. Times may vary with temperature of the environment.

You cannot expect the pizza to compete against a pizza coming from a wood oven at a local pizza restaurant. But the pizza will be more appreciated where you do not have any restaurants nearby and will beat any day the regular junk food you will find in the vending machines. If you are short with time for a meal, Let's Pizza is a great solution for a pizza to go.

We consider the following locations as the most suitable to place the vending machines for better value.

  • Student accommodations
  • Petrol stations
  • Hospitals, emergency rooms
  • Train stations
  • Children playgrounds
  • Beaches
  • Industrial units
  • Canteen
  • Hotels
  • Construction sites

If you have any more ideas where you think the pizza machine will be suited, please let us know to add to this list.


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